Places to Stay for your Italy Vacation

Places to Stay for your Italy Holiday

When you take a trip to Italy you could be rest assured that cottages will not be an issue. Bear in mind that this is among the greatest vacationer destinations of the globe so there is a healthy aiding of resorts, vacation homes, lodges, and also bed and breakfasts to select from. You may get on a budget plan, you might intend to stay in high-end, you may intend to experience Italy in the house of an Italian or you could be taking a trip in a group and choose to stay at an area that can suit everybody. All the biggest global hotels chains have an area in Italy so if that is exactly what you favor then there will be a lot of options for that especially in Rome.  And it is quite different then traveling in the US.  The places and rooms are older and more cultured.  They lack the “modern” amenities, such as A/C or even swimming pools.  You are in the most spectacular of countries and exploration of the cities is paramount.

If you are on your honeymoon, here is a great link of where places to stay:

Throughout your getaway to Italy you will find that there is something to suit everyone’s demands. Nevertheless to completely experience Italy on your vacation it is suggested that you remain at a small bed and also breakfast if you can. The majority of these are household run and Continue reading →

Planning To Vacation In Italy?

Planning To Trip In Italy?


Vacationing in lovely Italy can be a travel soaked in society, arts and also record. Seeing the one time roman colony of Lucce can offer entertainment for everybody. The community facility is enclosed in a brick wall surface from the sixteenth century that has a path along the top of the wall surface. The city is full of churches, monoliths as well as gardens. The Basilica of San Martino goes back to the l lth century, the Church of San Michele in Foro showcases a Romanesque marble exterior, carved marble pillars and also artwork develop the twelfth through fifteenth centuries. Casa di Puccini is the fifteenth century residence of popular composer Giacoma Puccini and also is currently an institution o fmusic as well as museum committed to the former occupant. Lucce National Image Gallery offers views of tapestries, frescoes and the art work of musicians such as Agnolo Bronzine Domenico, Boccafini and also Luca Giondone Spectacular views can be seen from the 130 foot rises. Torre Guinigi and also Lake Como offers a laid back check out village life in Italy. Villa Carlotta is an eighteenth century arboretum and museum certain to delight the horticulture enthusiast. Fiesole includes a roman amphitheater and roman baths gone back to 1BC. The Nearby Florence hill provides trails for the cycling enthusiast.

And while I’ve jumped right into Italy, I had a thought that is very important.  When you go abroad, you are going to want to contact your cell phone provider.  If you don’t do this and let them know you are going International, they won’t change your plan and you are going to end up with one massive bill when you return.  I had this happen once and even though I shut off certain parts I still received a $1000 bill.  They ended up reversing it, but it took time and energy.  Or you can get a cheap throw away phone when you land in Italy for pennies on the dollar..or Euro.


Sicily is known for it’s burning volcanoes like Mt. Etna as well as ought to be gone to throughout your trip of Italy for this reason alone. Sicily likewise supplies remarkable Italian culture, shopping and home entertainment for the whole family.


Venice is a sight to see with it’s sweeping gondolas traveling the river roads as well as it’s old world flavor. Websites to go to while in Venice are Ponte di Rialto, a 16th century link that supplies great views of the waterways, chances for individuals viewing, purchasing and photo opportunities all from the bridge itself. The renowned St. Mark’s square ought to be seen and provides fantastic Italian cafes. The Basilica di San Marco is where Gallileo initially provided his telescope to the public. The Venice Film Festival is hosted in late August or very early September as well as can provide for great photo shots of the stars if you remain in the best place at the right time.


Rome is full of fine art, design, history and also faith. Rome is additionally recognized for it’s trendy apparel and also citizens, so dress appropriately however make certain to bring comfy footwears or get a set in one of the several top quality footwear shops discovered in Rome. See the Colosseum, going back to 80 ADVERTISEMENT where roman emperors amused themselves and the Roman residents with gladiator online games, sporting occasions, and also movie theater manufacturings. The Sistene Church is likewise a have to used. The painted ceilings of Michelangelo are often called as the best artwork in all of history. The Pantheon holy place is likewise a popular ancient site as well as must be included in your travel schedule.

Italy – Romancing with a Romantic City

Italy – Romancing with a Charming City

This appealing post addresses some of the essential issues concerning taking a trip to Italy. A cautious reading of this product could possibly make a big difference in how you consider taking a trip to Italy.  What I do recommend is making sure that you travel to the airport in style.  Getting yourself and your family off on your trip the right way, makes all the difference in how your journey begins.  Which is why I always take a limo or town car.  But back to Italy.

There is no question that Italy is the most enchanting location around the world. With its Victorian appeal, old-worldliness and old-fashion atmosphere, it is not surprising that Italy is just one of the top visitor locations around the world.

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Living in Rome, Italy

Living in Rome, Italy

If you want to transform your life, live in Rome, Italy for a few years!  I personally lived in Rome for 5 years. This was due to I was attending school. Believe me when I say, Rome has a little of everything for every person. A ton of fun, needless to say, along with the beautiful history, and the culture is magnificent along with the spirituality of the entirety! Broaden your ideas and thoughts on life in the way of every aspect is what you will receive living in Rome.

Even just the regular daily living in Rome is truly an adventure for all. In fact, living in the heart of this beautiful city, the chaos is an organized type of chaos if you can understand that. Most Italians get up between 7 and 8 in the morning, however work doesn’t start for all until 9 or 10am. Between 8 and 10am is when the city awakens and begins everyone’s busy daily lives.

Turly the best part of Rome is the ‘afternoon meal’, which is called pranzo. This the main meal of the day (oh they live so healthy!) and this is then followed by the riposo (afternoon nap!). Then back to work for all anywhere from 2 to 3pm. Work days are finished between 7 and 8pm varying from job to job. IT is then customary to have a much lighter evening dinner which is called cena.

Can I just say, why doesn’t every country follow this?

Let’s delve into the history for a minute. On is surrounded by the incredible history of the world while living in Rome and eventually this becomes a part of your entirety of this new person you will become. The daily commute to your work or your school that you are attending eventually teaches you so much just by being in this beautiful place. You could never learn this stuff in school! The best part of this city is to walk it. Yes, walk as much as you can in the city for that’s where you will find the true Italian ways.

Now, being an American, I believe most will have a hard time getting used to the culture in the way of efficiency and cleanliness. We Americans do live in one of the cleanest countries around. And if for some reason you need to deal with any of the government offices I Rome, be ready to exercise extreme patience. At the end of the day, none of these less than stellar things will even compare to the incredible-ness and beauty of living in Rome, Italy!

Be sure and learn to enjoy cappuccino that is if you don’t already. There are sampling coffee bars, so to speak, so get in there and relax and enjoy yourself. I have to say to definitely to Piazza Navona at nighttime for the spectacular gelato, along with live entertainment.

Enjoy every minute of every day there, it will change you for the better!

A Few Things NOT To Do in Italy


As you spend more time in Italy, you will ultimately notice that they love to tell you what to do. Really doesn’t matter if you ask or not. For instance, try this great wine. Now, try it again. Go ahead and pass that semi-truck, you can do it, pass them! You need to wear different shoes. Go ahead and change your hair; you’re not eighty you know. Why not loosen up. Mangia, mangia! Nevertheless, you will love Italy forever.

Below is a list of things NOT to do in Italy. This is a country as beloved for its passionate people as its natural beauty and delicious cuisine which exceeds most others.


You must always park inside the lines, whether it is the pink lines, blue lines or yellow lines. Nothing worse than being on vacation and finding a parking ticket on your rental car, or even scarier would be to find the car missing all together from being towed. In most Italian parking lots, the white-lined parking spaces are free, all blue-lined are paid, then they have the yellow-lined spots which are for disabled motorists only and we then have the pink spots that are strictly for expectant mothers. Now, if you have parking spots but no lines at all, always look for Zona di Rimozione (Tow Zone) or Divieto di Sosta (No Parking) signs. Or you can be an Italian, cross your fingers and park on the sidewalks….lol.


One might want to charm the Italians with a spaghetti strap sundress, however visitors in skimpy clothing are forbidden to enter any holy sites. If you must wear that tube top dress, add a scarf or top shirt to wear while in the holy places. This will make yourself much more presentable when you’re on holy ground.


This is one of the very first things all visitors will notice and that is there is our time and then there’s Italian time. Oh yeah, Italian time is much longer (don’t be surprised when your 4 p.m. tour starts at 4:30) and so are business hours as well. So many of the Italian businesses (even restaurants) completely shut down for lunch! They also close twice a week, days varying from each business. Always double-check business hours when in Italy visiting. Also, this is funny but the public transportation is often “out of order” or delayed, so give yourself ample padding between travel connections so you won’t be frustrated. We Americans always want everything NOW and usually get it, so in Italy, slow your pace.


When taking that long-awaited gondola cruise in Venice, which is one of the most romantic things on earth you’ve been waiting to do, do not scream when you see your bill. Big surprise is that a gondola ride will cost upwards of $65 per person and even more if the guy is a bit on the shady side! Now, if a $65-$130 boat ride is just out of your budget, you can still ride along Venice’s canals with a traghetto. This is a water taxi used by Venetian locals to get across the Grand Canal. This ride is much shorter, however these boats are exactly the same as the tourist gondolas and get this the tickets are only about $5!


Let me just tell you that tipping is not obligatory or even common in Italy. However, tourist-savvy service people have definitely heard that Americans are genetically programmed to tip everything such as waiters to performing rabbits…LOL. But in Italy you simply have to resist this unless you just received the best service in the history of the world. They all make a living wage.


Yes, we all see in the movies that when you travel, your host country will be full of those who speak our language perfectly and with a beautiful accent too! However, the stats show that Italy is anywhere from moderate to low proficiency rankings on the English proficiency indexes. Pretty much the lowest in Europe. While in the hotels, restaurants, the beautiful historical sites and anywhere that it is heavily filled with tourists such as Naples and Rome, one will notice pretty good English speaking Italians. But step outside those big tourists spots, bocca al lupo (good luck in Italian)!